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5 Creative Ways to Use Beach Towel Besides Drying Off

5 Creative Ways to Use Beach Towel Besides Drying Off

The most likely thing that comes to mind when you think of a beach towel is cooling off after swimming. However, beach towels are useful items that can be used in a lot of different ways besides what they were made for. One of the best wholesale linen and textile supply companies in the US is Bulk Linen Supply. They sell many different kinds of beach towels in bulk, From Oxford Playa 2x2 Cabana Pool Towels to Promotional Beach Towels - Multicolor Stripe. 

Today, we have covered five creative ways to utilize your beach towel!

Beach Blanket For A Picnic

You don't have to carry around a big lunch blanket if you use your beach towel instead. Put down a Promotional Beach Towel - Assorted from Bulk Linen Supply on the grass or sand to make a lunch area right away. These towels are great for a relaxing meal outside because they are easy to clean.

Alternative to Yoga Mat

Beach towels in bulk can be a great option for yoga mats for those who practice yoga on the go. You can fold an Oxford Playa 2x2 Cabana Pool Towel in half and use it as a yoga mat cushion. As it's soft and absorbent, it's great for a relaxing session.

Temporary Sun Shade

It can be hard to find shade on hot days. Tie two sides of a beach towel to a tree or something else strong to make a shade. The Promotional Beach Towels - Multicolor Stripe from Bulk Linen Supply can help you stay cool in a stylish way.

Beach Bag Temporary

Use your beach towel as a bag to save space when you go to the beach. Towel should be folded in half, then folded again, and the ends should be tied together. You can take things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and snacks in this makeshift beach bag.

Cushion For Sitting Outside

Going to an event outside and need a nice place to sit? As a cushion, use a Promotional Beach Towel - 6 Color Assortment. For extra comfort, fold the towel in half and use it as a seat anywhere.

The beach towels in bulk from Bulk Linen Supply can be used for many different things besides just drying off. Check out their high-quality beach towels in Bulk to make your next event, trip, or business-worthy.


Can you think of some clever ways to use beach towels besides drying off?

You can use beach towels as yoga mats, sun shades, picnic blankets, temporary beach bags, and seat cushions outside.

Can beach towels be used as blankets for a picnic?

Yes, beach towels like the Promotional Beach Towels - Assorted from Bulk Linen Supply are great for picnics because they are big and easy to clean.

How do I make a yoga mat out of a beach towel?

You can make a soft, absorbent yoga mat by folding an Oxford Playa 2x2 Cabana Pool Towel in half.

Is it possible to use a beach towel to make a shade?

You can tie two corners of a Promotional Beach Towel - Multicolor Stripe to a tree or something else strong to block the sun quickly.

How do I make a beach bag out of a beach towel?

Take the towel, fold it in half, and then fold it in half again. Now, tie the corners together to make a beach bag.