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How Many Towels Are Needed In A Restaurant?

How Many Towels Are Needed In A Restaurant?

Paying close attention to each detail is very important if you want to run a restaurant. Towels are very important for keeping things clean because they can be used to wipe down surfaces and soak up drips. For things to run smoothly, you must make sure you have the right number and types of towels.

Bulk Linen Supply is one of the biggest wholesale linen and textile companies in the US. They have numerous different high-quality Restaurant towels that can be perfect for your Restaurant.

How to Guess How Many Towels You Will Need

How many towels you need for your restaurant depends on the size of the Restaurant, the number of employees, and the customers. A cook may use up to four towels during their shift, and waiters may use more than two and always have at least two on hand. Track how many towels you use over a week to get a good idea of how many you need. You should also buy a few extras in case of accidents or times when there is a lot of traffic.

Different Kinds Of Towels That Restaurants Need

Huck Towels

You can clean and polish surfaces with huck towels because they are sturdy and can be used for many things. They are made of 100% cotton and have a small bird's-eye design. They are great for cleaning the restaurant and keeping it spotless. Cleaning surgical tools, washing windows, and detailing cars are all great for it.

Bar Mops and Oxford Cleaning Towels

Oxford cleaning towels and bar mops are the best things to use when there's a spill. You can get cheap kitchen towels and dishcloths in white full terry, white ribbed, white with blue center stripes, and white with gold center stripes from Bulk Linen Supply

Microfiber Bar Ribbed Towels

Regular cotton mops don't work as well or last as long as microfiber bar twisted towels. These cloths are great for cleaning stainless steel, glass, tabletops, and bars because they are chemically split to make them more absorbent and long-lasting.

Bar Mop Dura

The Bar Mop Dura is made of 100% cotton terry and is strong, absorbent, and long-lasting. These towels are reliable and get great reviews for customer happiness and return on investment.

How And Why Different Towel Types Are Important?

When you use the right kind of towel for the job, you get more done and stay cleaner. For example, kitchen towels are only used to dry clean plates and wipe down surfaces, while dish towels are only used to clean surfaces and wipe them down. Utility towels are made for deep cleaning and handling hot items, and glass towels don't have any lint on them, so they're great for polishing glasses without leaving streaks.

Why Buying Towels in Bulk Is Beneficial?

When you buy towels in bulk from Bulk Linen Supply, you can be sure you'll always have enough at a lower price. When you order a lot of towels at once, the price per towel goes down, and your business will never run out, so it can keep its high standards of cleanliness and service.


How many towels will I require for my Restaurant?

Your Restaurant size, staff, and clients will determine how many towels you require. Cooks use up to four towels per shift, while waiters always have at least two. Tracking your towel usage will help you know how many you need and ensure you have spares in case of an emergency.

What towels should restaurants have?

Huck, Oxford, microfiber bar ribbed, and bar mop towels Dura towels are essential kitchen towels. Cleaning and polishing surfaces, drying food, and cleaning spills require different types.

Why must I buy many towels?

Buying towels in bulk ensures you always have plenty and lowers towel costs. Bulk Linen Supply orders help keep things clean without frequent reorders.

What fabric is ideal for beach towels?

Cotton absorbs water and is durable. Thus, most kitchen towels should be 100% cotton. Cotton towels can clean, dry, and move hot items.

How can I extend the life of my kitchen towels?

Keep Restaurant towels clean by washing them often in hot water, avoiding chlorine and fabric softeners, and drying them completely. Care for them, and they will work and stay clean longer.