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How To Choose The Correct Tablecloth Sizes For Businesses?

How To Choose The Correct Tablecloth Sizes For Businesses?

Any business in the hospitality field needs to make sure they choose the right tablecloth sizes. A covering that fits well not only makes the table look better but also makes eating more enjoyable. 

Today Bulk Linen Supply will guide you to pick the correct Tablecloth Size!

How Big Is Your Table?

Firstly, measure your table to find the right tablecloth size. Find the length and width of a square or rectangular table. For a round table, measure the circle, which is the width of the table from one end to the other across the middle. To get the right tablecloth size, you need to know these measures.

Calculate The Length Of Drop

How far the tablecloth hangs over the edge of the table is called the drop length. A drop of about 8 inches is good for a casual look. A 15-inch drop is best for a more formal setting. The drop length makes your eating area look better and feel better overall.

Figure out the size of the tablecloth.

To Figure out the tablecloth size, you need to measure the table and choose the length of the drop you want. To get the length and width of a rectangular or circular table, multiply the drop length by two. To get the width of a round table, add twice the length of the drop. This makes sure that the tablecloth hangs evenly on all sides and covers the table well.

Calculations Examples

  • Square Table (60 inches by 30 inches): Tablecloth size should be 76 x 46 inches (60+16 x 30+16) for a casual 8-inch drop.
  • A round table with a 36-inch diameter: The tablecloth size would be 66 inches (36 + 30) for a formal 15-inch drop.
  • Material and Durability

    When picking out napkins, you should think about the material. The Banquet Table Linen, MagicSpun Poly 42 x 42 Square Fabric Tablecloth is one of many high-quality choices that Bulk Linen Supply has to offer. It is made from 100% spun polyester. This material is strong enough to be washed 300 times, absorbs better, and feels nice to the touch because it feels like cotton.

    Tablecloth - Satin Band Damask Table Linen

    The Tablecloth Satin Band Damask Table Linen is another great choice. It is made of high-quality 100% cotton. Its custom Jacquard pattern and 2-ply ringspun cotton make it durable and stylish, making it great for high-class dining.

    Prisma Table Cloth RFID Chip

    The Prisma Table Cloth RFID Chip has more advanced features. The Color Lock coloring technology in this tablecloth makes it durable, colorfast, and stain-resistant. This way, your linens will stay bright and last a long time.

    Round Merrow Edge Table Linen

    The Round Merrow Edge Table Linen is also the best material for round tables. The MagicSpun polyester used to make these tablecloths comes in a numerious of sizes and colors, making them useful and nice to look at.

    Spend Money On Good Tablecloths.

    Any business needs to spend money on good covers. Well-made, long-lasting tablecloths like those from Bulk Linen Supply not only stand up to daily use but also make the eating experience better for your customers.

    Your tables will look professional and friendly if you choose the right tablecloth sizes and materials. If you go for the Bulk Linen Supply, you can find the right linen for any table, making your business look better and making your customers even happier.


    Where can I get quality tablecloths, and how do I get the correct size for my table?

    If the table is square or oblong in shape, then measure only the length and the width of the table. If the table is round in shape, then the measurement should be done diagonally from one end to the other across the round surface of the table, which is called diameter. In order to find the proper tablecloth size, these measurements should be doubled by the drop length you need.

    How many inches the drop should be for the tablecloth?

    The reduction can be as low as 8 inches. It is characteristic of informal conditions. As a result, getting a formal look is very simple when using a fifteen-inch drop.

    You may be wondering what materials are ideal for use as tablecloths.

    This is true because both cotton and spun rayon are good fabrics to use. Spun polyester can last long and also is suitable for absorbing water and on the other hand, cotton provides soft and elegant look.

    Can I place a square tablecloth on an oval-shaped table?

    A tablecloth that has a square or rectangular shape can be used for covering a round table, although this will not be an exact fit. This is best suited for oval tables, as mentioned earlier.

    Which stores offer a variety of sizes and types of tablecloths?

    It has many kinds of tablecloths in many sizes and is made from such materials as MagicSpun Poly and Satin Band Damask.