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What is the Difference between 10S and 16S Towels in the USA?

What is the Difference between 10S and 16S Towels in the USA?

Learn the difference between 10S and 16S towels! It will help you choose the right one. We offer a large selection of towels at Bulk Linen Supply, one of the largest wholesale linen and textile supply companies in the United States. Our towels includebar mop towels andkitchen towels. We'll show you the main changes between 10S and 16S towels so you can make a smart choice.

What Does "S" Mean?

In 10S and 16S, the "S" stands for "singles," which is the yarn used for a single strand of twisted fibers. That number before the "S" tells you how heavy the thread is. If the thread weight number is higher, the cloth is finer and softer. Because of this, 16S towels are usually softer than 10S towels.

What 10S Towels Are Made Of?

10S towels are usually rougher and stronger, so they can be used in places with a lot of foot traffic. Some examples are

  • Hand Towel - 100% Cotton 10s
  • Washcloth - 100% Cotton 10s
  • Center Stripe Hand & Bath Towels - 10s Towels

These towels are perfect for places like hospitals and locker rooms, where sturdiness and low cost are important. They are great for heavy-duty jobs because they have a rougher texture and more lint, but they might not be as soft as towels with a higher thread count.

What 16S Towels Are Made Of?

16S towels, on the other hand, are made from smaller yarns, which makes them softer and lighter. Some examples are

  • Hand Towel - Blended Towels, 16s
  • Bath Mat - Blended Towels, 16s
  • Washcloth - Blended Towels, 16s

In places like kitchens and gyms where a smaller, less bulky towel is needed, 16S towels are often the best choice. They're not as absorbent as 10S towels, but people like them because they're soft and comfortable.

Practical Uses

You shouldn't use either 10S or 16S towels for a long time. They are often used in places with a lot of turnover and a need for low costs, like shelters, hospitals, jails, physical therapy workplaces, and more. Because they don't last long and are cheap, they are good for these settings.

Whether you want 10S towels because they last longer or 16S towels because they are softer, we have what you need. That being said, knowing these differences will help you pick the best towels for your needs.


What is the usual use of 10S towels?

The 10S towels are frequently utilized in settings like hospitals, locker rooms, and shelters where cost and longevity are important considerations. Despite their increased linting and less gentle feel, their stronger build and rougher texture make them perfect for heavy-duty work and frequent use.

How do 16S towels differ from 10S towels in terms of texture and softness?

Compared to 10S towels, 16S towels are softer and lighter because they are manufactured with finer strands. Because of its finer thread weight, 16S towels are more comfortable to use than 10S towels, which are better suited for environments where a softer touch is needed, including kitchens and gyms.

Is the absorbency of 10S or 16S towels higher?

Because of their thicker and coarser yarn, 10S towels are generally more absorbent than 16S towels. However, 16S towels are softer and more comfortable than other types, so even if they are less absorbent, they are still appropriate for light drying applications.

Are 10S and 16S towels OK for repeated use?

The 10S and 16S towels are not meant for prolonged use; rather, they are meant for situations when usage is restricted. They're often used in places with a lot of turnover, like hospitals, jails, and shelters, where they need to be replaced often and cheaply.

Why should I buy 10S and 16S towels from Bulk Linen Supply?

A popular wholesale linen and textile supply company in the United States, Bulk Linen Supply provides a large selection of premium towels, including kitchen and bar mop towels, in bulk. Whether you need the softness of 16S towels or the toughness of 10S towels, our wide assortment guarantees that you can discover the ideal towels to suit your unique requirements.