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What You Should Consider Before Buying A Terry Towel?

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Terry Towel?

Any business that serves people needs to make sure they buy the right terry towels. Towels of good quality can make your guests' experience better and make your business look good. This is what you should remember when you buy terry towels from Bulk Linen Supply.

Staff And Quality

What the cotton towel is made of is very important. Choose a terry towel made of 100% cotton, which is known for being soft and absorbent. Good terry towels are not only comfortable, but they also last a long time. Bulk Linen Supply has many different kinds of terry towels made from high-quality materials, so your guests will always feel like they're in a luxury hotel.

GSM (Grams Per Square Meter)

GSM is a way to measure how dense the towel cloth is. Towels with a higher GSM number are thicker, absorbent, and softer. Towels which has GSM of 400 to 600 are great for hotels and spas because they are soft and absorbent at the same time. Bulk Linen Supply has different GSM levels of terry towels to meet different needs.

Strength and Longevity

Buying long-lasting terry towels like Bath Towel Terry Ensemble 100% Cotton - 1Concier is a good way to save money and make your guests happy. Towels from Bulk Linen Supply are made to be washed a lot without losing their softness or ability to soak up liquids.

Size and Style

There are different sizes of terry towels for different uses. You should choose bath towels like 10 Single Bath Towels, hand towels like Spa Hand Towel - Velour Towels, and washcloths based on what they are used for. Think about the towels' style and color as well. Bulk Linen Supply has a lot of different types and styles of linens to make sure that your business always looks stylish and put together.


One of the main jobs of a cotton towel is to soak up water well. Good Terry towel fabric makes towels very absorbent, so your guests will dry and be comfortable fast. Towels from Bulk Linen Supply are made to absorb as much as possible, so your customers will have a great time.

Paying close attention to details is very important in the hotel business. Getting high-quality terry towels from Bulk Linen Supply can make your guests' stay much better by making them more comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish. Make the right choice and let Bulk Linen Supply help you give your guests a great time.


What makes a good terry towel?

For smoothness and absorbency, choose 100% cotton terry towels. GSM (Grams per Square Meter) should be 400-600 for thickness and comfort. Make sure the towels can tolerate regular washes without losing quality. Make sure the size and design fit your needs.

Why is GSM crucial when choosing terry towels?

GSM represents towel density. Higher GSM towels are thicker, absorbent, and softer. A GSM of 400-600 provides a soft, absorbent towel that enhances the hospitality experience.

How can I prolong terry towels?

Buy Bulk Linen Supply towels made of excellent materials. Towels can last longer if you wash them in warm water and avoid bleach.

What size terry towels should my hotel buy?

The size of Terry towels depends on their application. Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are standard sizes. Bath towels average 27" x 52", hand towels 16" x 30", and washcloths 13" x 13". Bulk Linen Supply has sizes for everyone.

How does terry towel absorbency impact guest satisfaction?

Guest comfort requires high absorbency. Quality terry towels absorb moisture fast, helping guests dry off. This makes their stay highly comfortable. Bulk Linen Supply towels are highly absorbent, ensuring a good guest experience.