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Wholesale Hotel Linens & Bedding Supplies

Do you need to purchase hotel sheets in bulk? Are you looking for a reliable supplier that can offer:

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • First-class wholesale hotel sheets
  • from the nation's top textile mills
  • Affordable prices for bulk purchases
  • Same-day shipping on orders placed before 12PM EST
  • Regular discounts & sales - claim yours now!

Never worry about late delivery or subpar quality again - source your hotel bedding supplies from Bulk Linen Supply.

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Your #1 Supplier for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Our range of hotel bed linens includes bed sheets and pillowcases, bright white linens, fitted sheets, and crease-resistant cotton linen to guarantee your guests a cozy night's sleep.

We supply hotels, motels, resorts, and businesses across the hospitality industry with first-class hotel bed linens. We know you put your guests' comfort first - it doesn't have to come at a steep price.

Discover our range of luxury items and purchase supplies for your hotel, resort, or motel today!

Wholesale Hotel Bedding Supply

Your high-end customers expect the best of everything when they stay at your hotel. You want to offer total customer satisfaction. We can help.

Our range of wholesale bedding is made from luxuriously soft cotton. The thread count is optimal for softness, durability, and comfort.

We offer flat sheets and fitted sheets in double, queen, and king sizes. Each sheet is designed to resist spot formation and offer the exceptional durability hotels need.
Don't compromise on quality. Don't pay over the odds. Shop our range of wholesale hotel bedding supplies and purchase bulk supplies today!

Linens for Hotel Pillows

We supply wholesale hotel linens for pillows. Your guests will be delighted with our crisp pillowcases, made from the finest cotton and designed for hotel room beds.

Your hotel pillows make or break your guests' experience. Our soft, sweat-resistant pillow cases are perfectly suited to your business in the hospitality industry, and the pricing is tailored to your needs!

Hotel Towels

Delight your guests with soft, fluffy towels made with cotton from the finest mills in the USA. Hotels, motels, and resorts can all benefit from our sumptuous bath towels that stay fluffy even after repeated washes.

Don't let institutional laundering waste your towels away. Our durable cotton towels are the perfect long-term solution for your hotel or motel - browse our collection now.

Hotel Table Linens

We provide sparkling white table sheets for hotel restaurants and cafes. Each sheet is easy to clean - spills and stains are unavoidable in the hospitality industry, but our high-quality hotel linens resist spots and stains and stay soft after cleaning.

We also offer napkins, small sheets, and all types of hotel dining linens. Contact us to learn more!

Restaurant Linens

We cater to every business in the hospitality industry. If your restaurant needs new table sheets, linens, tablecloths, napkins, or more, we're the one-stop shop you've been searching for.

Whether you're rolling out a five-star breakfast experience for your customers or ensuring that everyone in your hotel enjoys a great night of sleep, we're your hospitality helpers!

Contact Bulk Linen Supply to order today.

Bulk Hospital Linen & Supplies

We provide durable, comfortable flat sheets and bedding for hospitals and care facilities. Our easy-clean cotton sheets are built for institutional use, but also to offer patients the most comfortable experience possible during their stay.

Hospital Sheets and Pillowcases

Our wholesale hospital linens are affordable and designed to last - are you tired of constantly writing off damaged supplies and having to order more?

Our bed sheets resist stains and stay comfortable after being washed over and over again. Hospital bedding should provide hospitality-level comfort while making your life easier as a manager of a hospital or care facility.

Our hospital pillowcases have the perfect thread count for durability and patient comfort. Upgrade your hospital bed sheets and ensure your patients can rest as comfortably as possible.

Healthcare Linens

We provide bed linens for all healthcare facilities. Whether you run a hospital, a care home, or a home care service for outpatients, your patients deserve the best.

Our pricing is affordable, and the quality of our wholesale products is second to none. We're ready to help you make a difference for patients at your homecare facility today.

Hospital Towels

Durable, easy-to-wash towels are an integral part of any healthcare service. Our hospital towels are made from the highest-quality materials and retain their softness even after intensive washing.

Just like our hotel towels, our hospital towels are stain-resistant and help provide a five-star experience for your patients.

Bed Protectors

As a hospital bedding wholesaler, we carry the full range of products you'll need to offer your patients a cozy, hygienic environment. Our bed protector sheet collection is made from high-quality materials and ensures that the bed's mattress is protected no matter what happens.

Your First-Choice Hotel & Hospital Linen Provider

Here's what makes Bulk Linen Supply the only wholesale hotel linen supplier you'll ever need.

Affordable Prices

We're a discount hotel linen distributor with excellent-quality wholesale hotel linens available for affordable prices. We provide hotel pillowcases, sheets, bedding, and more - we can ship orders in bulk and help you save money.

Reliable, Timely Delivery

Our orders are tracked to ensure they arrive just when you need them. Orders made before 12 PM EST will be dispatched on the same day - we know that when you need new sheets, it can't wait.

Finest-Quality Hotel Linens

As a wholesale textile supplier, we source our products from the best mills in the country. We work with trusted brand names to ensure your customers always get a first-class experience.

We're always happy to talk about how we choose our suppliers and why they're the best; schedule a call to learn more.

Durable Hotel Bedding

Our goal is to ensure that your guests enjoy maximum comfort without requiring you to constantly replenish your inventory. Our sheets remain soft even after repeated intensive washes - they're custom-made for hotels and hospitality businesses.

Contact Our Wholesale Linen and Textile Supply Company Today!

Whether you work in hospitality or hospitals, we understand your niche. Whether you need sheets, pillowcases, or towels, we're ready to ship your order today.

Contact our customer service team to get started and place your order now!