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Hotel Beach Towel Maintenance Tips For Your Hotel

Hotel Beach Towel Maintenance Tips For Your Hotel

Giving people a beach retreat is more than just sun, sand, and surf. A big part of the experience is the pleasure of wrapping up in a soft beach towel. In order to keep their hotel beach towels in great shape, hotel owners must not only buy them from reputable companies like Bulk Linen Supply but also take great care of them. Here are some important care tips that will help your hotel beach towels stay clean and attractive.

Instructions for Pre-Washing

Before you put your hotel beach towels like Promotional Beach Towels - Multicolor Stripe in the washing machine, give them a good shake to get rid of any sand or other dirt that is stuck to them. It's important to dry them first so that the dirt comes off easily. A soak in cold water first and then a gentle scrub with dish soap are great ways to get rid of tough spots. Follow the manufacturer's washing directions and arrange towels by color and material type. Also, don't overload the machine to keep it from getting worn out.

Most Common Ways to Wash

To protect the quality of the towels, keep the water temperature around 20°C (60–78°F). To keep the absorbency, choose mild, biodegradable cleansers that don't have fabric softeners. Do not set the temperature too high or too low, as this will speed up wear and tear.

Drying Gently And Checking

To keep fibers from getting rough, it's best to dry them in the sun or air. Too much heat from dryers can change the feel of towels. Once the towels are dry, look closely for any spots that are still there and treat them as needed for spotless results.

Investing Money Into Excellence

Quality is very important. Spending money on high-quality hotel beach towels not only improves the experience of guests, but it also saves money in the long run on refills and complicated cleaning methods. Think about towels that are both comfortable and long-lasting to give your guests a luxury but long-lasting beach experience.

Every little thing matters when it comes to making guests happy. Every step of maintaining hotel beach towels, from the routines done before they are washed to the checks done after they are dry, makes stays more memorable. 

Check out Bulk Linen Supply's selection of high-quality hotel towels. Each towel, from Promotional Beach Towels—6 Color Assortment to Promotional Beach Towels—Assorted, is a perfect mix of luxury, sustainability, and usefulness. Make your friends' trips to the beach more enjoyable by giving them towels that are both comfortable and stylish.


When should hotel beach towels be washed?

To keep things clean, hotel beach towels should be washed every time they are used. Regular washing gets rid of sand, sunscreen residue, and sweat, so guests will have a clean and nice time.

Can bleach get rid of spots on hotel beach towels?

Bleach shouldn't be used on hotel beach towels because it can break the fibers and change the color and feel of the towel. Instead, use cold water and mild detergent to gently get rid of stains, or look into professional stain removers made for textiles.

How should hotel beach towels be kept when they're not in use?

To keep mildew from growing, make sure that hotel beach towels are fully dry before putting them away. To keep towels fresh and make them last longer, fold them nicely and store them somewhere dry, well-ventilated, and out of direct sunlight.

How can I keep my hotel beach towels from getting rough and stiff after I wash them?

When you dry hotel beach towels in the dryer, don't use too much heat. This can make the fibers stiff and rough. To keep the towel soft and fluffy, let it dry naturally or use the dryer's lowest heat setting.

How do I get rid of the musty smell that comes from hotel beach towels?

If hotel beach towels start to smell musty, wash them in hot water and vinegar to get rid of any mold or germs. Do a regular wash with soap and make sure it's completely dry before putting it away to keep the smell from coming back.