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What Are The Secrets Of Hotel Towels in the USA

What Are The Secrets Of Hotel Towels in the USA

In the hospitality business, the quality of hotel towels is highly affecting when it comes to how happy guests are. There are so many secrets of Hotel Towels in the USA, and today, Bulk Linen Supply, an American business that sells textiles and linens in bulk, reveals it all!    

Let's find out the secrets of how these fancy hotel towels that guests love are made.

Why good materials are important

The material is the most important part of a good hotel towel. Bulk Linen Supply sells 100% cotton hotel towels, which are known for being soft, long-lasting, and good at absorbing moisture. Cotton towels are unique because they keep their soft feel even after being washed many times.

High GSM Weight for the Best Comfort

The GSM (grams per square meter) weight of hotel towels is one of the main things that sets them apart. A high GSM means that the towel is bigger, soaks up more water, and feels fancier. When you buy hotel towels in bulk from Bulk Linen Supply, you can be sure that every towel is of high GSM, which gives guests the soft, fluffy feel they expect. For instance, their Oxford Solid Color Pool Towels (bronze-classic) and 10 Single Bath Towels are made to be as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Strength and Longevity

Hotels need towels that can be washed many times without losing their quality. The hotel towels from Bulk Linen Supply are made to last a long time even more then what you expected, which makes them a perfect purchase for any hotel. Even after being washed many times, these towels keep their softness and color, so guests always have a clean, welcoming towel to use.

Different Types to Meet All Needs

Bulk Linen Supply has a wide selection of hotel towels in bulk to meet the needs and tastes of all customers. They have everything from Promotional Beach Towels - Multicolor Stripes to Hand Towel - Blended Towels. With so many options, hotels can pick the towels that fit their brand and meet the needs of their guests the best.

When it comes to hotel towels, the high GSM weight, high quality of the materials, and long life are what make them feel so luxurious. Bulk Linen Supply is great at getting hotel towels in bulk that meet these requirements so every guest has a soft, fluffy, and absorbent towel during their stay. If you want to improve the towels in your hotel, check out the wide selection that Bulk Linen Supply has to offer.


Why does Bulk Linen Supply's hotel towels bulk differ from standard towels?

Hotel towels from Bulk Linen Supply are 100% cotton and are best in exceptional absorbency, softness, and durability. They are thicker and more plush than conventional towels due to their high GSM weight.

How can I maintain bulk hotel towels?

Hotel towels should be properly cared for to last. Wash towels in warm water with a moderate detergent. You should Avoid bleach and even fabric softeners, which can harm fibers. Line dry or tumble dry low to keep them supple and absorbent. To ensure quality, examine and replace worn towels regularly.

What hotel towels does Bulk Linen Supply offer?

Bulk Linen Supply offers many hotel towels for different demands. 10 Single Bath Towels are ideal for daily usage,Promotional Beach Towels - Multicolor Stripe provide a lively poolside experience, Oxford Solid Color Pool Towels (bronze-classic)provide elegance. 

Moreover, TheirHand Towels - Blended Towels are adaptable for guest rooms and common spaces. Numerous hotels discover towels that suit their demands and brands.

How can I pick bulk hotel towels for my hotel? 

Material, GSM weight, and purpose should be considered while buying bulk hotel towels. High-GSM 100% cotton towels are best for comfort and durability. Choose from Bulk Linen Supply's large selection of bath, pool, and hand towels based on your hotel's needs. Customer services can surely make recommendations depending on your hotel's needs.

Can I acquire hotel towel samples before ordering in bulk?

Yes, Bulk Linen Supply offers hotel towel samples to test quality and compatibility before buying in bulk. Request samples and learn more from their customer care team. You can make a well informed decision and obtain the greatest hotel towels this way.