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Fitted Sheet

Fitted - Quilted Bed Pads


  • Weight: 0 lb Weight: 0 lb Weight: 0 lb Weight: 0 lb
  • Case quantity: 12 12 12 9
$13.31 Unit Price
$16.71 Unit Price
$18.05 Unit Price
$22.92 Unit Price
Size: Twin (39 x 80 x 14)
Color: White

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The quilted fitted mattress pads present the best coverage and long-term reliability, ensuring your mattress stays in perfect condition for years to come. Invest in peace of mind with our well-engineered mattress protector, designed to enhance both the longevity and comfort of your wholesale bedding. They are crafted with a 5 oz polyester fill and a 14'' fitted pocket, complete with a cotton/poly skirt for a secure fit.

Lycra Fitted
5 oz Polyester Fill
14" Fitted Pocket