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How to Take the Best Care of Your Towels in Bulk?

How to Take the Best Care of Your Towels in Bulk?

It is important to make sure that when you buy towels in bulk from a reputable company like Bulk Linen Supply, they stay soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. Towels last longer and keep their quality when they are cared for properly, which is very important for companies that depend on them to keep customers happy. Towels in bulk require special care, so here are some pointers from the pros.

Choose the Right Detergent

The first step in caring for your towels in bulk is to choose the right cleanser. Make sure that the laundry soap you use will work in your machine. Some detergents can be used in both normal and high-efficiency machines, but others may be made to work only with certain types of machines. Always use the amount of soap that comes with the package to keep residue from building up and making towels stiff and less absorbent. Bulk Linen Supply provides high-quality towels such as Promotional Beach towels and Bath Towels. They stay best if you take care of them.

For Extra Care, add vinegar.

Consider adding vinegar to your wash cycle to keep the bright colors of your towels in bulk and get rid of any soap residue. Half as much soap and about a cup of vinegar should be used. This easy addition keeps towels like White Center Stripe Bar Mops soft and makes sure they keep their ability to soak up water.

Wash Consistently

Hand Towels that you buy in bulk should be washed every three to four days for optimum cleanliness. When you wash something often, you get rid of the dirt, dust, and skin cells that build up over time. A vinegar and baking soda rinse can do great things for towels that start to smell musty. During the wash cycle, just add a cup of vinegar instead of soap. Then, use baking soda to rinse the clothes.

Avoid using too much fabric softener

If you use fabric softeners on your towels too often, they can leave behind a layer that hurts the fibers and makes them scratchy and less absorbent. To keep the quality of your towels, don't use too much fabric softener. Instead, try dryer balls, which help fluff the fabric without leaving behind any dust.

Don't Fill the Washer and Dryer Up Too Much

Towels in bulk may not get fully cleaned and dried if your washer or dryer is overloaded. When towels bunch up, dirt and soap particles can get stuck, making the towels dirty and stiff. Make sure you load your machines right so that they can wash and dry clothes well.

Shake your towels before you dry them

Towels in bulk should be given a good shake before being put in the dryer. This makes sure that the cloth loops dry evenly and keeps them fluffy and absorbent. If you skip this step, the fabric may get wrinkled and not soak as well.

You can keep your towels in bulk from Bulk Linen Supply in great shape by following these easy but useful tips. This will keep them soft, absorbent, and luxurious for your customers. Taking good care of your towels will not only make them last longer but also help your business maintain its image of selling high-quality linens.


How often should I wash a lot of towels?

Every three to four days, wash all of your towels at once to keep them clean and smelling good. Washing your clothes often helps get rid of dirt, dust, and skin cells.

Do I need to use a lot of fabric powder on everything?

If you buy a lot of towels, it's best to use little or no fabric detergent on them. Towels can become less absorbent and scratchy after being used too much.

What kind of soap should I use on a lot of towels?

Use a detergent that works with your normal or high-efficiency washing machine. Always use the right amount so that your towels don't get too much dust.

How can I keep my large towels from smelling musty?

To keep your towels from smelling musty, wash them in large amounts often. If they start to smell bad, rinse them with vinegar and baking soda to make them smell better.

Why should I shake my towels a lot before I dry them?

Before drying, giving your towels a big shake helps fluff up the fabric loops so they stay absorbent and dry evenly without creases.