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What Qualities Do Your Guests Look For In Hotel Towels?

What Qualities Do Your Guests Look For In Hotel Towels?

Every little thing counts when you want your stay to be remembered forever, especially the quality of your hotel towels. Guests often rate their stay based on the little things that make it more comfortable, and towels are no different.

For you, there’s good news, Bulk Linen Supply, one of the biggest bulk linen and textile supply companies in the US, knows what you need and has a wide range of towels that are made to meet those needs. This is what your guests want in a hotel towel!

Warmth And Softness

The way the towel feels on the face is the first thing people notice. Bulk Linen Supply makes sure that all of their goods, like the Bath Towel “Oxford Silver Towel which is the right amount of soft and durable. When guests use towels made from 86% 16S cotton and 14% polyester premium terry fabric. They love how soft they are, which makes their whole experience better.


The main job of a hotel towel is to soak up water quickly. TheBasic Economy Wholesale Towels from Bulk Linen Supply are made of 100% Cotton Terry and are very absorbent while still being affordable. Whether people are taking a bath or a quick shower after swimming, these towels will keep them dry and comfortable.


Hotels with a lot of guests need towels that can be washed and used a lot. Durability is guaranteed by items like the Oxford Premium Horizontal Stripe Pool Towel, which is made of a strong mix of 95% cotton and 5% polyester. The dobby twill weave and dobby hem make the towel last longer, which makes it a good choice for top hotels and spas.

Design and Aesthetics

Guests like sheets that look nice and go with the rest of the room. The Oxford Premium Horizontal Stripe Pool Towel, which comes in classy colors like Navy, Aqua, and Grey stripes, makes any hotel swimming look more elegant. In the same way, the different patterned pool towels add a fun and colorful touch that is great for places like hotels.

Special Qualities

Guests want hotel towels that are specially made to meet their needs. Even though Bulk Linen Supply's 10 Single Wash Cloths are only meant to be used once, they are useful in places like hospitals and locker rooms where cleanliness and frequent refilling are important. Their inexpensive white washcloths, hand towels, and bath mats can be used in a variety of places, so they can meet the needs of all their guests.

When picking Hotel towels, think about how soft they are, how well they absorb water, how long they last, how they look, and any other quality that will make your guests happier. You can meet and exceed these standards if you get Bulk Linen Supply's wide selection of high-quality towels.


What's unique about the hotel towels that Bulk Linen Supply sells?

Bulk Linen Supply has many different kinds of hotel towels made from strong, long-lasting materials like 100% ring-spun cotton and long-lasting cotton-polyester mixes. These materials make the towels soft, absorbent, and long-lasting.

Are the towels good for places with a lot of foot traffic, like hotels?

Yes, our towels, like the Oxford Premium Horizontal Stripe Pool Towel and the Basic Economy Wholesale Towels, are made to be washed and used a lot, which makes them perfect for places with a lot of people coming and going.

Can I choose an eco-friendly towel?

Even though quality and longevity are very important to us, many of our towels, like the 100% cotton ones, are made from natural fibers that break down naturally and are good for the environment.

Can I get a lot of towels for my hotel?

Yes! Bulk Linen Supply specializes in getting large amounts of towels for hotels. We make sure you get high-quality towels at low prices, with choices like our white washcloths and pool towels with different designs.

Do your towels come in a range of colors and styles?

Yes, we have many styles and colors to choose from to fit the look of your hotel. Our Oxford Premium Horizontal Stripe Pool Towels have beautiful stripes, and our promotional beach towels come in various fun patterns to suit everyone's tastes.